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6 Things to Consider Buying a Refrigerator in India

For Indian households, buying a new refrigerator is crucial and a big decision. It is not only the centrepiece amidst your other kitchen appliances, but is also the hoarding place for all the family meals. You rely 100% on a refrigerator to store your vegetables and keep your food fresher for a longer time interval.

All of it makes shopping for a refrigerator a tough and tricky task. There are countless design points and endless factors of consideration. Be it the configuration, or the size, and the features, you have to take note of every aspect before you pick the most suitable one for your home. To help you with the same, we have come up with a list of things that you ought to consider when buying a refrigerator in India. 

Things to consider when buying a refrigerator in India

1. Check the energy star

The simplest way to save up on the energy cost is by buying a fridge that is energy efficient. Saving energy will bring you a long-term reward, and help you save a lot of money. Further, an energy-efficient fridge is a big contributor to safeguarding the environment. After the cooling, heating, and hot water equipment, the refrigerator is the next in line when it comes to energy consumption in a household.

However, accredited to the recent developments in compressors, insulation, and the overall technology, the refrigerators today consume and require lesser energy than before. If truth be told, a refrigerator that is 15-year old uses twice as much as energy as a brand-new refrigerator with a good energy star rating. So, on replacing the old refrigerator with the new one, you’ll not only save drastically on your electricity bill but will also reduce the carbon footprint.

2. Pick a refrigerator that has a top-mounted freezer  

Today, refrigerators are available in a myriad of configurations. You can find refrigerators with bottom freezer, top freezer, French door, and side-by-side configuration. However, the new refrigerator chosen by you must not necessarily have the same configurations as your previous refrigerator.

You have to pick something that is of adequate size and has substantial features to cater to your needs. The reason we suggest a top-mounted refrigerator that has a good energy rating is because it consumes lesser energy than a 60-watt light bulb.

Moreover, it is a proven fact, that the top freezer configuration models, consume the least energy of all the available configurations. It makes them affordably priced, keeping the long-term aspect in mind. A study abroad, showcased, that a top freezer refrigerator cost approximately Rs. 3240 a year to run, whereas the bottom freezer cost about Rs. 5040, and the side-by-side model cost approximately Rs. 5544. 

3. Pick the adequate size in refrigerator

It takes no genius to understand that the larger the fridge, the higher would be its energy consumption. Generally, the refrigerators that are highly energy efficient are about 16-20 cubic feet. So, whenever you are replacing an old refrigerator with a new one, you don’t have to retain your older model for surplus cold storage.

If you are unable to meet your refrigeration needs by a single refrigerator, you should shop for an energy-efficient model that is big enough to meet your requirements. At all times, you must recycle your old refrigerator and remove it from your basement or garage.

4. What are the features that you cannot do without?

Think of all the features that have proven to be useful in your older fridge. Now, write them down on a piece of paper. Add to it the features that you felt were missing in the older model. With that, you have the list of features ready for your new model of the fridge.

It is important to do this so that you don’t end up paying for features that you won’t ever use through life for your fridge. For instance, if you don’t need through the door ice, you can completely skip that feature in your fridge. Ignoring this feature alone will save you around 84 kWh of energy in every utility bill.

5. Always recycle the older model

The one bit that you can do to save our environment is getting rid of the things we don’t need. So, how can one do that? Yes, by recycling. Recycling of the fridge is an important way to prevent global warming. When you recycle the older fridge, you not just prevent the release of harmful substances and gases in the air, but also stop the energy-wasting models from ending up in some other person’s household.

When that is done, the old foam and refrigerant are prevented from releasing into the environment. It leads to the overall prevention of 10,000 pounds of surplus greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

6. Make the most of the rebates

There are online rebate finders that you should check before buying a refrigerator in India. It will give you an idea of the available offers and discounts on recycling the old refrigerator and buying a newer model.

So, these, according to us, are the top factors of consideration that you ought to check before buying a refrigerator in India.

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