Friends! Geysers or water heaters are durable products. It can last up to 10 years. Whereas with proper care and regular servicing it can last up to 15 years as well. Water quality also impacts the durability of a water heater. Hard water is not good for water heaters.

Cost per day usage:

For calculation, we presume that the Geyser which you buy today of Rs.15000/- will last up to next 15 years. Considering that you will use it in winters for around 3 months every year. For calculation, we take an example of a family with 4 family members. So the calculation is:

  • 15 years   X   3 months    X    30 days   X    4 family members  = 15000 Rs  
  • 5400 Usage = 15000
  • Cost of using Geyser once will cost = 15000 / 5400 = 2.78 Rs

It is reasonably good and easily affordable (please note that we didn’t consider the electric or gas consumption for running the Geyser).

Which is a better option Gas Vs Electric Geyser?

Electric Geyser or a Gas Geyser both are equally good but have some differences. Electric Geyser or Water heater is more durable than Gas Geyser, plus it warms the water at a normal pace and its working is dependent upon electricity availability. Whereas Gas Water heater/ Geyser is last less than an electric water heater. Gas Geysers warm the water at a faster pace and it working is not dependent upon electricity. It is good for places where the electricity supply is interrupted.    

Tips to increase the life of your water heater:

  1. For electric heater electricity fluctuation is not good, try to avoid such cases
  2. Hard water is bad for Geyser. It contains Ca+ and Mg+ salts which get deposited over the walls of the Geyser, causing corrosion. You can buy those Geysers which have corrosive resistant properties. Some Geyser comes with Glass bodies which remain corrosive resistant for lifetime from Calcium and Magnesium salts deposits.
  3. Usage of a water softener can also increase the life of your water heater